A midterrace rear house extension in Rathfarnham, Dublin 16


Extending your home can be hugely rewarding. It makes a big difference to your lifestyle and add value to your real estate. In this project – a 40m2 house extension with 2 bedrooms, small bathroom and kitchen/sitting room area in Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.


The requirement from the customer was to create a layout with two bedrooms and a bathroom and a small kitchen/sitting room at the front part. The rest of the garden got total clearout – all the shrubs and trees got replaced with two level patio area and a maintenance free artificial grass lawn at the back.


This project involved a few challenges also… – sewage and waste water has to be pumped, manhole of existing house was at the front and it is a mid-terrace with no access from the rear… so everything has to go through the house. Nevertheless and despite to all the bad weather – we got everything done!


The structure is a combination of traditional solid block and strip foundations and insulated foundation system. The side wall became as a boundary between the neighbours. Internally all insulated with airtight open cell 150mm sprayfoam insulation all walls and ceilings and even the partitions to create a sound dampening effect between the rooms. Everything was sealed to avoid any possible cold bridging.




Site clearance took a bit of effort to create from this….


To this…





Enjoy the gallery, how it all came together!