Marino House Extension, Dublin 3

House extension in Marino, Dublin 3.

a Full Turnkey project.

This was very interesting project. The project consists of an extension giving an additional room at the back and knocking through the kitchen and former dining room into that bright new space. The existing kitchen got extended along the new wall creating a fully functioning utility room.


For most of our projects we use fully insulated foundation systems from KORE. It fully insulates the foundation of the extension and is designed to deliver some of the lowest U-values available on the market, all while virtually eliminating the critical wall-to-floor cold bridge.

We upgraded the existing gas boiler with a new system boiler and new extension was done with underfloor heating. Roof Windows are great not only for boosting the daylight in but for ventilation incorporated within the windows in the form of vents.  All windows and doors tipple glazed.

New extension’s idea was to boost a much light as possible into the middle sitting room what had already a Velux window. For the rear wall objective was to make it as much glass as possible. We recommended  to use 3 meters wide and 2 meters tall fixed pane triple glazed and we came up with solution for a nice window seating to blend into the rooms design. We actually made it on site from solid oak.

On the roof we stripped off the existing slate roof and unified the existing pitched roof with the new extension.  It created a valley between two roofs. To keep things neat, roof water runoff pipe was built into the new wall structure. No gutters. All clean.

The architectural glass panels in the hall made a nice feature to create a more spacious feeling and increasing a sense of flow and connectivity. We made all the frames on site using pre-made worktop panels. Good way to create amazing features within the budget.

We know how hard is to live in the house during the building works… when we build our extension we try not to break into the house until the new structure is built and secured. It helps for our clients to maintain their lives as normal as possible during the build.



The whole project took just over two month for completion.