Extension with a full Ground Floor revamp for 1960’s built semi-detached house, Artane, Dublin 5


A great project to revamp the 1960’s built semi-detached house

Originally the layout just doesn’t work. A tiny kitchen… small hall… doors in wrong places…


With rear extension we achieved so needed floor space to create a sophisticated open plan multifunctioning area.



A small bathroom with wet room shower just found the space under the stairs. And a utility room to take the gas boiler, washing machine and a freezer away from the kitchen. What opened possibilities for more storage in the kitchen presses.


Three VELUX windows created a massive boost of natural light into the kitchen and dining area. And a great way to ventilate the place.

The structure of the new extension is air tight to achieve the best U value possible – open cell spray-foam insulation seals everything. Foundation is insulated from sides and underneath as well using KORE foundation system.  The existing ceilings and walls was spay-foamed to create a soundproofing barrier between the rooms and it helped to glue together the old ceiling joists and improve the floors upstairs. Everything became tighter and better insulated. You can’t hear any more if somebody is walking in the room upstairs.

To completely maximize all space we removed the fireplace with the chimney from the dining room. Steel brackets on Hilti injectable adhesive anchors are holding the weight of the chimney above. But it is all hidden in the new walls..



We moved the door for the front sitting room. It was in the middle of the wall and you really couldn’t put a decent sitting arrangement either side.  Door got pushed to the corner and room felt much bigger straight away.

And finally the front porch became a part of the hall with a new composite front door from Apeer.  When you come into the house it feels much bigger than before.



This is one of the projects, where after it’s done, you can’t imagine that it could be done any other way.

Everything works and everybody happy!


It was a very well planned project. During the very messy part when we made a brake-in through the back, Felicity and Paul went away for 3 weeks and everything was done on time.



On site forman kept everything on the track! I think even learned good few new words… !