Garage conversion and Solar Thermodynamics for hot water, Santry, Dublin 9

This costumer came to us with an idea to convert his garage into additional bedroom with an en-suite and independent entrance for a family member to stay. There was already a bathroom in the garage area but there was a suspicion it was leaking. And the plan was to add an extra bathroom in his large family home as well, but there was a snag – already 2 electric showers on the property…

Yes, as soon as we stripped down the existing bathroom it showed all the problems behind the tiles…

We recommended that the best solutions would be to use a solar thermodynamic hot water boiler with additional secondary coil option what can be connected to existing central heating system. It was a huge sawing from the electricity point – instead of 3×9.5kW showers you have a unit running on 500W usage..

We installed a hatch into the attic and floored the attic space. The thermodynamics unit was positioned in the attic space and the old hotpress transfered into so needed additional storage.

We installed a 250 litre capacity water cylinder feeding hot water 24/7 for 3 showers, a bath and all hot water taps in the house.

Garage itself was in a bad shape – roof structure was damaged from multiple leaks, so we replaced the roof and the roof joists.

Walls we made with SIP panels (structural insulated panels) to reach the most effective thermal solution, insulated the garage floor with 50mm Kingspan floor insulation.

To make sure, the front of the garage matches the existing as good as possible, we cut down the real bricks to accommodate them into the space we had. The goal here was to absolute maximize the floor space internally.

A triple glazed window with colour matching the existing front composite door.

It wasn’t a straight forward project. We came across a badly bent gas pipe under the floor. Someone just used a hammer to bend it to fit the tiles over… And a bad sewage connection under the floor.. It was a good call to pull out existing bathroom in the garage and we fixed all the problems what we found along the way.

Our electricians moved existing fuse board extending all cables to create a doorway into the house from the garage. It is a planning requirement to have an internal door from the garage into the house.

We fitted a small kitchenette and we plumbed a radiator connected to existing heating system. All plastered & painted. A brand new en-suite with power shower with a bi-fold shower door and a space saving sliding door into the en-suite. Outside the side passage lighting connected with motion sensor.



At the end – a perfect turnkey project for another happy costumer!