CALL for HELP – freshley done bathroom leaking!, Celbridge, Co Kildare

Customer came to us for assistance… There was something wrong with the newly fitted bathroom and the “tradesman” disappeared…. It wasn’t far from our office, so we went to take a look and assess the problem.

It was difficult to understand how a trained tradesman could put up a project like this.. There were extreme issues with the tiling – uneven corners and pieces we couldn’t understand how someone would do that… sockets and switches were not in the right places.

Problem with the waste pipe… it turned out bits from grouting was washed down the drain and blocked the outlet…and tiles started to come loose.. it turned out silicon adhesive was used to hold tiles in place …. and a water leak behind the bath… Absolutely heart-breaking to see inaccuracy and incompetency on such a level…





Well, we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck into it. Bit by bit, problem after problem – solved. Had to strip everything “back to the bone” – had to fix the pipework as well. Of course, an empty bottle of beer was just helping to understand with what we are dealing here…

We had to start everything from scratch.


Despite everything, we got things back on track and it turned out a beautiful bathroom at the end. Newly done bathroom was installed with full colour mixing LED lighting and nicely  curved walls to match the shape of the bath tub. Top of the range sanitary ware and high quality fittings helped to make the bathroom a magnificent feature in the house… – and bathroom door slides into the wall cavity … Beautiful!

Unfortunately – a very expensive for our client – to pay twice for the same room….

Please watch out for bad tradesmen, my friend… !